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What is a Theme?

Theme is an accumulation of documents and templates that make the site looks appealing. With a topic, you can change the plan and format of your site.

Why to Choose Logical Themes?

In case you’re hoping to make a site that is set up to win cash, we’re likely the best decision.
It’s our obsession to present to you the best in class subjects to construct websites,our arrangements enable you to rapidly go over the specialized stuff and concentrate on building your online business.
Our subjects are genuinely simple to modify and don’t accompany alternatives that end up confounding you. The help group is dependably there to enable you on the off chance that you to keep running into an issue!

How do I install the theme?

To install new theme you must first have a working WordPress installation. For information on installing WordPress, please see Installing WordPress, from the WordPress Codex. Once WordPress has been properly setup, there are two ways you can install new theme – from your WordPress Administration Panel or Manually via FTP.

Can I get a refund?

Since LogicalThemes is offering non-tangible irrevocable, digital goods, we do not issue refunds after an individual product purchase is made, which you are responsible for understanding upon making a purchase on our site.

Do your themes work with mobile devices?

Yes, we meticulously follow the industry’s best practice of using a responsive web design. Meaning, serving the same HTML code for all devices and only using CSS Media Queries to determine the rendering on each device. This built-in intelligence dynamically detects and scales to any resolution allowing your theme to look equally amazing on any operating system, desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Can I use your themes on multiple sites?

Yes. All our themes are licensed under the GPL license. You can use our themes for personal and commercial projects and for as many websites as you like.

How do I update my theme?

The update process is similar to the theme installation process. You will need to replace the old theme using the FTP instructions, or delete the old theme from the Appearance > Themes screen, then follow the installation instructions to upload the latest version of the theme.

Please Note: If you have made any custom changes to the theme code, make a backup of your existing theme and save it to your computer before updating.

How do I setup my theme ?

Here is some theme setup procedure listed as follows.

You got the premium theme download links on your order confirmation mail which contains the following zip files:

1. Pro Theme
2. Pro-Child Theme
3. Gallery Images Banner
4. Title Banner Images

If you haven’t got any of the zip files, please let us know.

Pro Theme is a premium version theme and Pro-Child Theme is a child theme.

If you have successfully completed theme installation, follow the below steps to get the demo content on your homepage.

1. Create Page to set template: Go to Dashboard >> Pages >> Add New Page.

Label it “home” or anything as you wish. Then select template “home-page” from template drop-down.
Check screenshot: https://www.logicalthemes.com/docs/lt-foodrestaurant/images/home-page-template.png

2. Set the front page: Go to Setting -> Reading –> Set the front page display static page to home page.

Check screenshot: https://www.logicalthemes.com/docs/lt-foodrestaurant/images/set-front-page.png

It will show the demo content on the home page. Then customize it from the Appearance -> Customize -> LT Settings

For further customization check out our documentation

What is Child Theme ?

Child theme: A child theme acquires styles, features, and functionalities from its parent theme. A child theme is an effective way to make modifications in the styles/ features of the parent theme without adjusting the code of parent theme. Along these lines, you can simply update the main WordPress theme with no stresses in regards to your customization and changes. Basically, a child theme is used to override the features of parent theme without affecting the parent theme. We suggest our customers, to make any of the changes to the child theme in case if any and child theme should be activated.