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Slider is not working what to do for that

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    at my site sider is not working





    Shop Manager


    Thanks for the URl.

    The slider is not showing on the front page because you have missed the homepage setup. Please check the steps below.

    1. Academic Education Pro
    2. Academic Education Pro-Child
    3. LT-Title-Banner-Image
    4. LT-Gallery-Images
    5. Academic Education Pro Post Types

    Academic Education Pros is a premium version theme and Academic Education Pro child is a child theme. The “LT-Title-Banner-Image”, “Academic Education Pro post type” and “LT-Gallery-Images Plugin” are theme required plugins.

    Academic Education Pro and Academic Education Pro child must be added from Appearance -> Themes one by one.

    For the theme installation, go through the method 2: Install a Theme by using Upload Method from WordPress Admin

    If you have successfully completed theme installation, follow the below steps to get the demo content on your homepage.

    1. Create Page to set template: Go to Dashboard >> Pages >> Add New Page.

    Label it “home” or anything as you wish. Then select template “home-page” from template drop-down.
    Check screenshot: https://logicalthemes.com/docs/academic-education-pro

    2. Set the front page: Go to Setting -> Reading –> Set the front page display static page to home page.

    Check screenshot: https://logicalthemes.com/docs/academic-education-pro/images/home-page-template.png

    It will show the demo content on the home page. Then customize it from the Appearance -> Customize -> LT Settings

    The remaining three plugins must be added through the Plugins -> Add New. Plugin configuration steps are already included in the documentation:

    If you got stuck somewhere then send us the query. If you want we can set up your theme, make a user for us assign administrator role and send us the username and password. We have a free theme installation support.




    where to copy these folder in WordPress in plugin or in theme forlder only my gallery shortcuts are not visible

    Academic Education Pro Post Types
    LT Gallery Images
    LT Title Banner Image


    Shop Manager

    These are the plugins. Login your account registered on our website and download those plugins.

    My account




    I hav downloaded these plugins but how to install and activate I have put them in pulugin folder but it is not installed or activated how to do that in which folder have to copy in themes folder or in plugin folder



    activate plugin option is not there in WordPress for these options how to activate ??



    how to get shortcode for gallery


    Shop Manager


    To activate plugin Go to Dashboard >> Plugins >> Installed Plugins >> Academic Education Pro Test Types >>Activate

    Refer the image: https://logicalthemes.com/docs/academic-education-pro/images/plugins.png

    The shortcode for gallery:[galleryshow gallery=”49″ numberofitem=”8″]

    Refer the Documentation for using the shortcode to display the images https://logicalthemes.com/docs/academic-education-pro/#shortcodes

    If you need some other help please hit a reply.

    Thank you.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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