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    is it possible please to have explained this part better? For example: where to write the hook of a section
    <?php do_action(‘food_restaurant_after_services’); ?>
    in a new page that I believe? And if so: how to name it? Where to save it?
    Exactly what job do hooks have to do in this theme?
    Thank you for your patience

    P.S. I’m also looking for updates for woocommerce

    Shop Manager

    Thank You for choosing us!
    A hook is a place in WordPress’s code that can get functions added to it. When you create a hook, you give yourself and other developers the opportunity to add in additional functionality at that location.
    Hooked functions are custom PHP functions that we can “hook into” WordPress, at the locations specified by its hooks.
    The issue is given by you of outdated Woocommerce templates is not a big issue, It doesn’t change the looks of your theme. When woocommerce generates new updates after a few days we also update it on our theme.
    When we updated the woocommerce on our theme, So we will update you for using our new version theme.
    If you need further questions please hit a reply.
    Thank You

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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