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File Structure

The template package you have downloaded consists of several folders. Let's see what each folder contains:

  • Screenshots -contains template screenshot. Not for production.
  • theme -contains wordpress theme files
  • "" -this folder contains all the necessary files for the theme.
  • "license.txt" -contains license details
  • "readme.txt" -contain information about theme images path, font use and usage scrip

Template Installation Via WordPress

Template installation is very easy process. The installation process can be done in two ways

Install a theme using wordpress admin

First thing you need to do is to login to your WordPress admin area. Next, click on

1.Go to the menu Appearance > Appearance Themes

2. Once you are on the themes page, click on the Add Newbutton at the top.

3. Click on upload theme button.

4. Click on Browse Button then select your theme and click on install now button.

5. WordPress will now install your theme and show you a success message along with the link to activate or live preview.

Congratulations your theme have been successfully installed

Template Installation Via FTP

First installed and setup your FTP program, connect to your host using FTP. You would need to go to the path (/wp-content/themes/). Once you’re there, simply upload your themme’s folder there.

Remember you must unzip the folders before you upload a theme using FTP. Once you have uploaded the theme, you would need to go to your admin area and click on Appearance » Themes.

You should see the theme that you uploaded listed there. Bring your mouse on top of that theme and click on the activate button and you’ve successfully installed and activated your WordPress theme.

Fetch Demo content

This theme supports the default Site Identity section provided by the WordPress and we have integrated some options in this theme in this section.

Follow these instructions to setup Home page.

  • Create Page to set template: Go to Dashboard >> Pages >> Add New Page.

    Label it "home" or anything as you wish. Then select template "home-page" from template dropdown.

  • Set the front page: Go to Setting > Reading > Set the front page display static page to home page
  • Once you have done with this you can see all the demo content on front page.

Setup Site Identity

Follow the below steps to set up the Site Identity

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Identity

  • Logo: You can add logo here.
  • Add Site Title: You can add Site Title here.
  • Add Tagline: This option allows you to add Tagline on your site.
  • Add Site Icon:Site Icons are what you see in browser tabs, bookmark bars, and within the WordPress mobile apps.

LT Settings

General Setting

Follow the below steps to set up the General Settings

Go to Customize >> LT Settings >> General settings

Setup Slider

Add Page

Follow the below steps to Add new Page

Go to Pages >>add New Page

set it's featured image and the content. Repeat this process for other slide pages.

Slider Settings

Follow the below steps to setup the slider

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Settings >>Slider Settings

  • Select Slide Image Page: Select the Slide Page here.

Food Products

Add Plugin

Follow the below steps to Add Plugin

Go to Plugins >>Add new >> Upload Plugins >> browse.

First download the Woocommerce plugin zip file from an official Woocommerce website, then browse the zip file and install it.Activate the theme.

Create Category

Follow the below steps to Create Category

Go to Products >> Categories

  • Add new Category - You can Create new category of product.
  • Slug - The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.

Add Products

Follow the below steps to Add Product

Go to Products >> Add new >>Add new product

  • Product Name :You can insert Product Name here.
  • Product Categories :You can insert Product Categorie here.
  • Product Tag :This option allows you to add Tag on product.
  • Regular Price & Sale price :You can insert product regular price & Sales Price here.
  • Product Image :You can insert Product Image here.
  • Product Gallery :You can add product Gallery images here.
  • Product Short Description :You can insert Product short description here.

Add Products in Page

Follow the below steps to Add Product in Page

Go to Pages >> Add new Page.

To set up the food Products Please go to Customize >>LT Setting >>Food Product,

set it's page name and Short code [products limit="4"] in description.

  • Title: You can insert Title of the page from here.
  • Sub-Title: You can insert Sub-title of the page from here.
  • Short Line: You can insert Short line of the Page here.
  • Product Leftside Image: Select the Product Leftside Slide Image here.
  • Select Product Page: Select the Product Page here.